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Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for...Favorites

Thought I'd post a fun list of our family favorites based on the list below.  We often have random conversations about our favorite "this" or "that", so now I've got them down to refer to anytime!

Janet: age 40
  • color-orange
  • food-breaded chicken cutlets (not changes since I was a kid)
  • snack-chocolate (same for favorite dessert & candy)
  • tv show-anyting on HGTV (although I love Army Wives and Private Practice, too)
  • season-summer (for the easy going schedule and girls home from school)
  • beverage-coffee
  • restaurant-Olive Garden
  • day of the week-Saturday
  • thing to do-scrapbook
  • gift to receive-a compliment
Mohammed: almost age 40
  • color- blue
  • food-Fetah (Middle-Eastern dish)
  • snack-Raisinets
  • tv show-30 Rock
  • season-spring
  • beverage-soda
  • restaurant-don't have one
  • day of the week-Monday (start of a new week)
  • thing to do-spend time with family when we're not arguing
  • gift to receive-peace & love
Yasmeen: age 11

  • color-green
  • food-french fries
  • snack-chocolate
  • tv show-Cupcake Wars
  • season-Fall (not too cold and you can go outside--in Spring sometimes it's too hot already)
  • beverage-Iced Tea
  • restaurant-White Rose System (in Woodbridge, NJ)
  • day of the week-Friday (she has her private music lesson that day)
  • thing to do-read (anytime, anyplace)
  • gift to receive-money
Leena: age 9

  • color-fushia pink
  • food-Salisbury Steak "balls" (new recipe I tried this week)
  • snack-lime tortilla chips
  • tv show-Victorious
  • season-Fall (mixture of hot and cold and no bugs like spring)
  • beverage-water
  • restaurant-Rainforest Cafe 
  • day of the week-Monday (the start of a new week)
  • thing to do-write
  • gift to receive-money
Adam: age 2 (according to Mommy)

  • color-red (when asked what color something is-its always red)
  • food-soup
  • snack-lollipops (or pops as he calls them)
  • tv show-Thomas and Friends
  • season-Spring so he can get outside
  • beverage-milk
  • restaurant-McDonalds for "papas" (french fries)
  • day of the week-no preference as long as his sisters are around to play with him
  • thing to do-line up his Matchbox cars
  • gift to receive-having a playdate with a "nene hoy" (boy today)

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Great idea and great idea for a layout!