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Hi. I"m living in the Northeast with my supportive hubby, 2 great girls and toddler son. I run a home based business around scrapbooking and rubber stamping and love everything about those crafts! I also work p/t as a Physician Assistant in Internal Medicine...back after a 10 year hiatus to take care of the kids--loving that, too!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Looks like this whole getting back to work and into the swing of things has really taken a toll on my free time.  I use my days off now to run errands, do laundry and make sure that Adam has a day with Mommy that resembles something close to what he used to have with me every day.  That means trips to the park, music class and just cuddling.  There is a lot of mommy guilt, let me tell ya!  I enjoy working, but I feel awful leaving him at daycare, crying and calling out to me...still--even 2 months later!  On a more positive note, though, I am settling in to my role at work, seeing more patients each day, and getting to know more and more about the "bread and butter" problems that come through an Internal Medicine  practice (and getting better each day at managing them).

So that means that I have less time overall to do some of things I like to do...like scrapbook or update this blog.  I really have good intentions, but unfortunately, a blog post won't write itself (someday maybe).  Until then, please bear with me until I figure out how to balance work and family and all that other stuff I long to do...

This past month, we celebrated several milestones, with yet another to come!  I turned a year older, Leena reached double digits, and Mom & Dad celebrated FIFTY YEARS (!!!!) of marriage.  Later this month, Shoo Shoo celebrates another milestone, and even though we can't be with her to celebrate, we want to let her know that we love her and hope she has a fabulous day!!  Then there's Halloween, of course.  This year, we are slow going on the costume picking, so nothing is set yet.  We are thinking about Leena being a "spider fairy"--adjusted from the apparently too cutesy "fairy" costume we were thinking about initially. Yasmeen had chosen some hippie accessories at the end of last year, but has since changed her mind, and Adam, well, he's still clueless and could care less about dressing up, but BOY, does this boy want his candy!  Guess that only time will tell how this all pans out...

In the midst of all of this, we are in the market for a new minivan.  My old one has been good to us, but she is on her last leg and we know we are going to have to bite the bullet and get a new one in the not too distant future.  For Mohammed and I, that means in the next 4-6 months.  BUT...that doesn't stop us from going to look at cars and researching every last article put on the "best" minivan at the moment (which changes from month to month apparently).  So now we have narrowed it down to the new Honda Odyssey, which is the most popular one around, so not very unique, but hey, since when does a minivan have to be unique?  At least it'll be loaded with a ton of family friendly functionality (say THAT three times fast).

Hopefully, I'll be back here soon, but until then, just know that I haven't forgotten about you and hope to keep you posted (here and there) throughout the upcoming months!