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Hi. I"m living in the Northeast with my supportive hubby, 2 great girls and toddler son. I run a home based business around scrapbooking and rubber stamping and love everything about those crafts! I also work p/t as a Physician Assistant in Internal Medicine...back after a 10 year hiatus to take care of the kids--loving that, too!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Whole Lotta Paintin' Going On...

Well, today I am officially 36 weeks and just 10 days away from D-day! To celebrate another weekly milestone, I decided I wanted to have the girls paint on my belly. I got the idea from an episode of "A Baby Story" I'd seen a while ago and thought it was a great way to remember this time in our lives. It's especially important since this is the last pregnancy for our family and we are just so excited to meet this little guy on his way--Inshah Allah. The girls really got into it, and Mohammed even joined in the fun. Leena drew a pumpkin and a sun and wrote "I love Adam" on my belly. Yasmeen also drew a pumpkin and decorated her "side" of my belly with polka dots. Her message read "I *heart* Adam". There's no doubt about it, we love Adam and we haven't even officially met him!! Even Daddy put his mark on my belly by drawing a face smack in the center of all the designs. It had big red lips and "angry" eyes--to commemorate his feeling that this pregnancy has made me a little cranky these past few weeks...but what does he know :-) Between my GROOOOOWING profile, lack of comfortable sleep, anxiety over my pre-term contractions and worries over Adam's safe arrival, who can blame me if I'm not as jovial as in days past???? Well, at least we laughed quite a bit tonight and made some memories that hopefully Adam will see one day and laugh at too! Here are some pictures we'd like to share (some of the others won't make it on here-LOL!):

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still here...

Hi everyone,
First off, I wanted to touch base with you all and let you know that I had my last appointment this week with my delivering OB (I have one more appt. with another OB next week before delivery) and I was almost certain that she was going to keep me in the hospital or put me on strict bedrest. Even after a week of being on medication to stop my contractions--they keep coming, although in all fairness, not as frequent or as hard as they were BEFORE the medicine. Even so, with my risk of a uterine rupture, it was all I could do to run around (ironic, eh?) the day of my appointment and make sure I had everything I would need IF I had to go into the hospital early. When the doctor saw me, she just recommended that I increase the frequency of when I take the medication and continue to "take it easy". That's when I let out a sigh of relief, because even with less than 2 weeks left before I deliver, there is still PLENTY to do! It seems that the more I organize and clean, the more clutter there is and the more cleaning there is to do. So, I'm home again, and really trying to take it easy as the doctor mentioned that the baby is on the big side and I'm still worried about a rupture...

Taking it easy for me means staying home most of the time. It doesn't mean napping, laying in bed or staying still for very long. Although I'm making the effort to lay down throughout the day (or at least SIT down), it's very hard to take it easy when there is a lot to get done, AND you have 2 very active kids coming home from school each afternoon ready for action. Thankfully, they understand that I need to rest, so they've been ok about watching TV, doing homework and pretty much keeping to themselves this week. Of course, that cooperation starts after they run into the house demanding snacks and causing a ruckus! Starting tomorrow they'll have 1/2 days for the next 4 school days, and then they are off for Thanksgiving. Let's see how long they'll attempt to cooperate with Mommy...

So, just a quick update on what's going on here...I'll be sure to keep you posted with the latest breaking news as time allows. Wish us luck that we get to our scheduled delivery date without further complications and are able to finally bring home our baby boy, Adam!

Hugs to all,

Monday, November 17, 2008

Update on contractions...

Well, after seeing the OB last week, she had me take an NST and it turns out that I am contracting here and there...it seems worse when I stand up, but they can't monitor for contractions standing, so only a few "true" contractions showed up. I was asked to "be a princess" for the next couple of weeks and rest 2 hours for each hour of activity I have. She also prescribed medication for me to take to stop the contractions...

It'll be a week tomorrow that I've been on the meds and I'm taking it easier than prior weeks, but the contractions keep coming. I'll see her again tomorrow and am hoping I don't go on full bedrest after her evaluation, although as of last week, she just wanted me to make it to Thanksgiving at least...and that is next week. I would really prefer to wait until December 3rd (37w1d) as planned, but Adam seems to want out...and of course, with my history, I'm worried about a uterine rupture. So I guess I need to the prayers to start pouring in for us that he comes at the right time and is healthy. So many worries...

On a more optimistic note, the crib is up, the blinds are up, even some of the decorations are up in the nursery. The room is coming together, and all we need is the mattress that will be arriving in NJ along with my in-laws soon enough. Now if I can just get it together enough to pack my bag and figure something out for Adam to come home in...

Well, that's it for now...just wanted to check in with you all in case I'm out of comission for the next week or two before Adam is due. Of course, if I make it back from my appointment with any news, good or otherwise, I'll try to update as I can.

Hugs to all,

Monday, November 10, 2008

Just 3 weeks to go!!

As I sit here writing this, it boggles my mind that as of this Wednesday, we have just 3 weeks until delivery day (God willing)! This past month has definitely been harder on me than the rest of the pregnancy put together, but I am cherishing every minute since this will be my last one. We are all anxiously awaiting the (safe) arrival of Adam, and Mohammed even picked up the nursery furniture late last week. I'd post a picture, but it's still a mess in there...gotta find some energy to get things organized once the crib is put together. I'll give you a hint, though. It's black, and as scary as that sounds to some of you, it's pretty darn nice, if I say so myself! Many thanks go out to Gido and Shoo-Shoo for getting us this furniture--it's really beautiful.
As for other news...the girls just wrapped up a long weekend due to the NJ Teacher's Convention being held and all the schools being closed this past Thursday and Friday. They had several playdates and Yasmeen even attended a Volleyball clinic in a nearby town. Leena will be going on her 1st grade field trip this Wednesday to a local farm, and although I was asked to chaperone (and wanted to go), I've been prohibited by my OB's office due to the onset of recent (and rather frequent) bouts of contractions.
Well, we survived our 1st Halloween at the new house. It was actually pretty fun, with tons of kids roaming the neighborhood (unlike at our last residence). We went through almost 3 large bags of candy, but received just as much in return. I accompanied the girls and Mohammed (along with our neighbors) on their walk to trick-or-treat, but had to back out early due to sheer exhaustion. Just the night before we attended the annual firehouse pumpkin carving event with the Yankos and I guess all the activity just caught up to me...

The day after Halloween, Mom and Dad came over early to take me and the girls out to breakfast. Mom mentioned that she wanted to spend some time with me before the baby came, and we had also planned on getting a cake for Aileen's upcoming birthday. Little did I know what awaited for me when I came home and walked through the door!!! Aileen and Mohammed threw me a surprise Baby Shower on November 1st. I was totally shocked and quite touched at all the people that were present. Even Yasmeen knew about it, and somehow managed to keep it a secret from me! There were so many people from all facets of my life there. There was family, lifelong friends, scrapping buddies, MOMS Club pals, and even a few of our new neighbors! We are fortunate enough to have many wonderful people in our life, and received so many great things. Now I just need to get everything set up and we are ready to go!

Wish us luck as we venture into the next phase of our lives with the pending arrival of our newest family member. I'll be sure to keep you posted of the progress as time allows :-)

Until next time,