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Saturday, July 10, 2010

We're back...

...from Snip-its and Adam has a new 'do!! On our way there, he fell asleep inthe van, so we had to find something else to do while henapped. I suredidn't want a tired, crankybaby going for his first haircut. We decided to find a place to eat and as we arrived, he awoke. He seemed rested and soon after eating, we headed to the salon.

When he walked in, he shrieked with excitement at the bright colors, fun statues and "prize" machine. We opted for "1st Haircut picturepackage" and as I filled out thenecessary paperwork, Adam was off exploring the salon. When it was time for his cut, his stylist lured him into her chair with a path of bubbles leading from the entrance to her station. He was briefly distracted by a wooden tool set nearby, but then obliged andheaded in the stylist's direction. It was a perfect fit when she lifted him into the bright chair and twirled him around to face the television, which had an original "Snip-its" cartoon playing.He watched for a minute or so, but was much more interested in what was going on behind him with his hair.He didn't move an inch, and wasthe perfect 19 month old customer! The stylist was told to"keep it on the long side", but I think she became hypnotized by his curls becauseshe kept snipping and Ithink she went a bit shorterthan I would have preferred. Nevertheless, Adam is as cute as ever. When she was done cutting, we realized that the front desk had forgotten to take his 1st haircutpicture, so we skipped it (thank goodness for Mommy's camera), but at least we were ableto take the certificate and photo frame home. At this salon, they also have aprize machine, so Adam took a bit of his cut hair, and a special key they had put on his wrist with a spiral band, and magic happened. A bright, yellow slinky appeared from the prize slide and he was so happy. So despite his bit too short cut, the total experience was great, and we now know that Adam can rock a little longer hairdo. Looks like it'll be "just a trim" from now on. Happy 1st haircut, baby boy...it was a blast!

On another note, Yasmeen's new glasses were ready to be picked up today, so we headed off to Sears and got them...she picked these out after we THOUGHT she'd lost her old glasses, but low and behold, as soon as we put in the order, we found them! She chose this style to match her daddy...doesn't she look cute?!
And now a note from Yasmeen: "I love my new glasses!!!!!"
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