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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Made it through another day of Week In The Life and managed to take a total of 62 pictures.  Of course there is no way I could possibly use ALL of these pictures, but at least I'll have options! Today was a busy day early on, and then once we came home in the late morning, that's where we stayed.

Yasmeen had band camp again, but after dropping her off, we had arranged to take Adam to "school" for his first foray into the land of daycare.  He'll be hanging there for 2 days a week while I'm at work in the near future.  He was excited to go in, and even ran off to play with the train tracks they have there, but as soon as a few of the boys decided to come check him out and "play" with him, he was not too happy.  He grabbed the bin of train tracks and ran around the room trying to avoid the kids that wanted to play with him.  I hung out a while and pleaded with him to share, but who are we kidding?  This kid hasn't had to share a day in his young life.  It was overwhelming for him, but luckily, snack time was around the corner.  When he sat to have pretzels with the rest of them, Leena and I walked out to see how he would do.  I told him I'd be leaving and he demanded I sit down at the table next to him.  I told him I couldn't and left.  We watched him from the front office cameras for a while and he was fine...eating his pretzels and looking around...taking everything in.  We left for an hour and returned to get him with Yasmeen.  The teachers said he did well, and we were so proud of him! We came home around 11am and had bagels (newly purchased--in town--this time) for lunch.  The girls' with butter, Adam's with cream cheese, and for me, homemade chicken salad.

After lunch, I attempted to put Adam down for a nap, confident that his morning adventure had tired him out, but boy, was I wrong!  He played in his bed, kept getting up, even took his shorts and diaper off to get my attention, so I just brought him back downstairs.  We hung out in the family room while I watched last night's episode of "The Bachelorette".  Yes, it's my guilty pleasure and I won't deny it! The girls entertained themselves by concocting all kinds of messes in the kitchen.  They put together some inedible butter and herb mixture just so they could "pipe" it out of a plastic bag like Yasmeen had seen on a recent cooking show. As for Adam, well, he was not only awake, but quite energetic. He finally fell asleep crouching behind me on my office chair while I checked email at 4pm!!

With Adam sleeping, I told Leena that we should get started on dinner and suggested homemade pizza.  We had to make the dough and let it rise, first, so we got started right away.  It came together nicely, and by the time the dough was set aside to rise, Adam came downstairs crying loudly and still visibly tired.  I picked him up and headed off to the family room.  He fell back asleep on my shoulder, so I settled onto the chaise to watch another show I had DVR'd this past week: Combat Hospital.

Dinner was pretty good. After dinner, it was computer time for me, while the girls watched an episode of A.N.T. Farm.  Adam entertained himself by running circles around the girls and eating dry Lucky Charms as a snack.  We headed upstairs for bedtime around 9:45pm, but Adam didn't go out until about 11:15pm...so much for a solid sleep schedule for this energetic toddler!  Here are some of my favorite shots from today:

Curious boys trying to meet the newest addition to their class:

 Happy at snack time--eating pretzels and drinking juice:

 Making inedible treats: and piping them onto aluminum foil "plates":

 Mid morning snack: chocolate protein shake...YUM!

 Making homemade pizza dough:

 So good I forgot to take a picture before we dug in!

 Our evening phone call from Daddy (in California until tomorrow night):

 FINALLY out for the night...at 11:15pm!

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