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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Winding down while gearing up...

Even though our vacation is coming to an end, that hasn't meant that our pace is slowing down. We came with a plan to visit all the theme parks in Orlando (well, almost all) and also built in some "downtime" to spend with the Grands and Mohammed's sister and her 2 boys. It's been a flurry of activity and we are EXHAUSTED!! Today we visited 2 Disney parks, and took a much needed break from the HEAT by coming back to the Grands house for lunch. It was another scorcher at 107 degrees by midday, but we covered a lot of ground at Animal Kingdom, riding everything we wanted to, except for Dinosaur because it closed down for technical difficulties and hadn't opened back up by the time we wanted to leave. Expedition Everest was awesome, and lucky for the girls, since Mohammed and I had to "parent swap" for every ride, they got to go on TWICE on every ride. After our break from the heat, we returned to Orlando to visit Epcot (the rides side) for the evening and even though all Fast Passes had been given out already for the more popular rides (wait times were from 70-80 minutes now), we managed to get on a couple of the less popular rides (although we had a blast on them), including Nemo, The Living Seas, and Mission Space. While I stood in line with Adam ( for almost an HOUR...I never worked so hard to entertain a toddler in my life!!) to have him meet all the usual characters (he fell in love with Minnie and was scared of Goofy), Mohammed and the girls sacrificed their time and stood in the stand by line out in the heat to get on Test Track. Thank goodness for parent swapping at Disney because once they got off, I was good to go with the girls.
Earlier this week, we also visited some family friends at their house and had a great time. Yasmeen met a girl her own age and they hung out at the pool, rode around on golf carts and generally had a blast. We also rode on a pontoon, went jet skiing, and made friends with the local wildlife (well, not really friends). Tomorrow we plan on staying close to the house to try to pack for our departure on Thursday. If we succeed with packing, then the plan is to visit our last Disney park, Hollywood Studios, on Wednesday and wrap up a very busy vacation. We are looking forward to getting home soon and settling back into our usual routines (read: normal bedtimes for Adam and the girls, and some sorely missed scrapping time for me). Soon school will start again and all this will be a distant memory, but until then, we are making the most of it. See you soon!!

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Brenda A said...

Looks like tons of fun.