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Friday, May 11, 2012

Our new front entry...but first...

You'll have to see what it USED to look like.  Now, it's not like we ever felt it was horrendous, although it probably was close, it's just that I guess I didn't realize what an amazing difference a little curb appeal (ok, a lot of curb appeal) could make!  BEFORE, we had red brick steps that were cracking and showed evidence of a miserable patch job when the bricks started to fall off a couple of years ago.  Still, we didn't think too much of it and lived with it as it was.  BEFORE, we had cracked slate pavers that were dark grey and that were a daily temptation for Adam to pick up and throw across the driveway anytime he walked outside.  BEFORE, our poor landscaping was neglected...azalea bushes overgrown.  Leaves (old and new) scattered about, 3 huge Cypress trees blocking windows and light from entering our home and our precious Japanese Maple haggard looking.  Now matter how we tried to keep up, we just couldn't.


But now...NOW we have a grand entrance leading up to our door.  Sandlewood pavers in a herringbone pattern gently wrap around the flower bed and miniature Green Velvet bushes surround the patio.  NOW, Azalea bushes have been groomed and RELOCATED and our Japanese Maple (newly trimmed) has found a  new home where the Cypress trees used to reside.  Our home has more natural light and an elegant look.  NOW we are proud of our front entrance and hope that we are able to keep it looking as beautiful as it does today.  NOW, we are happy and excited to buy a small table and chairs to put out there so we can watch our kids as they play out front.  NOW, we'd better remember to water the plantings :-)

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