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Monday, December 5, 2011

Hard to believe...our youngest is THREE!

Yes, he is...we celebrated Adam's 3rd birthday with family at home this past Saturday and for the first time in a long time, Adam went straight through the day (and night) without a nap.  He was excited and kept saying "I'm so happy" over and over and even oohed and ahhed over the decorations I'd put up with Yasmeen earlier that morning.  He patiently waited for his grandparents and Titi to arrive before asking (yet again) if he could open his gifts...THAT was the highlight of the day for him!  What 3 year old wouldn't be thrilled to open gift after gift of cars, trains, books, and more cars?!!!  He was so gracious and lovable (and affectionate) as always--doing his duty to pose with us and the rest of the guests so that we could always remember him on that day.  He even had another little boy there to share the excitement with--his cousin Gio!  Of course, Gio, being only 6 months old, didn't quite get what was going on, but he did seem to want to lunge for Adam while he was opening gifts :-).

Unfortunately, on the potty front, he had several accidents that day since his mind was on other things (rightfully so), so we'll have to cut him some slack.  But now that the festivities are over, it's back to the potty, pronto!!

ETA: the minivan reveal went off without a hitch...sort of.  Turns out that when Papa and Nana pulled up into the driveway Saturday, they peeked into the garage to make sure we were there, and saw the van.  Luckily, they didn't know it was ours, and only thought that Gido and Shoo Shoo were in town.  When they came in and realized that the "other Grands" weren't around, they started to get suspicious--so off to the garage we went and they were thrilled for us!

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