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Hi. I"m living in the Northeast with my supportive hubby, 2 great girls and toddler son. I run a home based business around scrapbooking and rubber stamping and love everything about those crafts! I also work p/t as a Physician Assistant in Internal Medicine...back after a 10 year hiatus to take care of the kids--loving that, too!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Decluttering has been on my mind.  Too much of a good thing is sometimes, just TOO MUCH.  I want to do a little Fall Cleanup and get rid of things that are no longer useful or that we don't absolutely love.  I've been reading a blog recently that has really inspired me and the author recently challenged her readers to a "REVERSE 100 THINGS CHALLENGE:.  Basically, we have 2 months to get rid of 100 things and then post back to her with our experience.  This took me about 2 hours, and it feels great.  I would love for the entire family to get on board, but since I don't want to make those decisions for the them myself, I decided to set an example and start with my SCRAPBOOK SUPPLIES.  I have just about gone through every box, corner and pile in the room and this is what I've been able to let go of...some for charity, some to pass on to friends, and some to possibly sell at a yard sale in the near future if I can get my act together ;-)

Here's to less STUFF!

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