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Hi. I"m living in the Northeast with my supportive hubby, 2 great girls and toddler son. I run a home based business around scrapbooking and rubber stamping and love everything about those crafts! I also work p/t as a Physician Assistant in Internal Medicine...back after a 10 year hiatus to take care of the kids--loving that, too!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!!

Well, it's a little early in the day, but tonight, we are planning on going to my sister's house to wave a fond farewell to 2010! This might be the last time I actually get to write 2010. Anyway, I digress...We have had a great year and hope the upcoming one will hold even happier memories and fun and health for us all. Looking forward to 2011 with anticipation and optimism. We are wrapping up this year with a few family outings and memories while the girls are home on Winter Break. Mohammed joined us too, so it was great. We played in the snow, went tubing, Yasmeen earned her next TKD belt, blue stripe, and we made our traditional trip into NYC on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, it was super crowded and not very easy to walk around with 2 young kids and a toddler in a stroller, so we may have to find an alternate tradition until they are older, or we start missing NYC. We even experienced our 1st snowfall of the season (although most likely the last snowfall of the year!) the day after Christmas. See you all next year!!

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