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Hi. I"m living in the Northeast with my supportive hubby, 2 great girls and toddler son. I run a home based business around scrapbooking and rubber stamping and love everything about those crafts! I also work p/t as a Physician Assistant in Internal Medicine...back after a 10 year hiatus to take care of the kids--loving that, too!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Let Autumn Begin...

Amazing how quickly the weather changes once school is in session. We have been having highs in just the 70s, with lows dipping into the mid 50s. Thank goodness, though...because lately, I'm becoming pretty intolerant of heat. I don't even use a blanket at night, while Mohammed snuggles in a thick hoodie (with the hood on!) and a comforter. I guess I owe my temperature regulation to hormones these days. Speaking of which, the pregnancy is progressing well. We had our follow up ultrasound at 24 weeks and Adam is looking perfect. He's growing and weighs almost 2 pounds already. I still can't believe that in just about 3 short months, he will make his appearance (God willing of course). He's also finally making himself known to me (and to everyone on the outside world that lays a hand on my tummy)on a daily basis with kicks and jabs that are actually making my tummy move! It's really odd, I've gotta say, but so reassuring that things are coming along as they are meant to be. On a related note, fatigue is finally setting in again. Seems with the start of school, I've been running around a lot more and find that my eyes are literally closing if I sit still for more than a few minutes. It doesn't help that when I CAN finally go to bed, I'm totally wired. I guess it's just nature's way of training you for the sleepless nights ahead (although I don't think that's very fair!!!).

Earlier this month, Mohammed and I celebrated our TENTH anniversary. Hard to believe we've been married that long and together even longer than that. We spent the day with our girls (it was the day before school started) and talked about our plans for the future and the many upcoming changes that are in store this year. I joked that maybe for our 15th we could finally take that Mediterranean cruise we've been wanting to go on...but for now, we've got a great family, a new house, and a new baby on the way to celebrate...and there is nothing better than that!

The girls are officially in the throes of elementary school. Yasmeen loves her teacher and thinks that 3rd grade is the most fun ever (even if we still have to struggle to get her to do her homework!), and Leena is adjusting beautiful to full days at school. It helps that she has 2 of her friends from the neighborhood in her class. Having them gone all day is actually not as productive for me as I thought. Seems like the hours fly by between errands and preparations for upcoming events--including BOTH Girl Scout troop meetings. This week alone I've had 1 GS parent meeting, 1 stamping class, and 1 Stampin' Up open house in my home within the span of 4 days. Next week is just as busy, and that doesn't even take into account trying to get preparations for the baby's room in order. Oh, and let's not forget that the girls have also both started dance classes again. Ah, the life of a "stay at home" mom!

Well, I guess that pretty much sums up all of the activity here since the month began. Hope the start to your Autumn is a good one!

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