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Thursday, July 17, 2008

So Much News...

Well, it's mid July already and so much has been happening since my last post. The biggest news? Well, we are expecting once again and so far (at 17 weeks of this writing) things are going well. The baby looks good and although we've yet to find out the sex (believe me, we are hoping to know soon enough), all is going as it should and we are so, so grateful. My official due date is 12/21 of this year, but with my history, the OB is not taking any chances and delivering me early--about a month early to be exact! Here is a picture of our little one at just 11 weeks:

The school year ended well. Leena is on her way to 1st grade and Yasmeen will be entering 3rd grade in the Fall. Summer is now in full swing and the girls are doing great. We've gone to Sesame Place several times and have had numerous playdates and sprinkler socials. They are currently taking a week of Summer Enrichment run by our local schools and they are loving it! We've even gone to our old pool with our friends from The Glen and I've got to say, they are like fish in water.

Earlier this month, we hosted our first big shindig here at the new house. Well, heck, the first event for us EVER anywhere for that matter. We had our families and friends over for a BBQ and it was great fun. Now I've been bitten by the hosting bug and I want to do it again soon. Definitely before this baby comes! We've also enjoyed the local town fireworks for the 4th and even taken a trip to a farm with Aileen and her longtime friend, Gladys. It's been busy, but fun. Thank goodness the morning sickness is gone for now and I'm feeling somewhat energetic :-) Here are some more pictures to enjoy until the next post.

Hugs to all...

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